5 stages of writing a successful persuasive essay

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive or an argumentative essay is designed to show your position about a certain idea and to convince the reader that your position is correct. This type of academic paper is a very popular assignment as it teaches you many things and gives you very important practical knowledge of how to argument your point in a discussion if necessary.

When starting to write a persuasive essay make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the argument point wisely and re-think the position you are taking.
  2. Analyze your possible audience.
  3. Support your point with evidence.
  4. Structure your thoughts.
  5. Proofread.

Choose the argument point wisely and re-think the position you are taking.

Make sure the topic you are choosing is debatable and both points of view can be accepted by the society. Do not try to question the eternal verities. Think before choosing your side and make sure you personally support it. Only this way you will be able to find as much good arguments as possible.

Analyze your possible audience.

Determine what your future audience may believe in and which position they are most likely to take. If their point of view may differ from that of you, make sure not to offend anyone’s beliefs while supporting your thought. This will only make a bad impression of you. Politely support your arguments and try to gently show the person why you think you are right.

Support your point with evidence.

How good is your point, if you cannot even give any proof? Look for supporting thoughts in literature, scientific facts, mathematical statistics, and examples from the real life. Of course, your type of evidence will depend on your type of the topic, but make sure to include a few facts about every argument you give.

Structure your thoughts.

A persuasive essay does not usually demand a fixes structure, but it is always good to follow the usual pattern:

  • Introduction, where you introduce your point./
  • Main body with at least 3 arguments.
  • Conclusion, containing a brief summary of your paper.


Re-read your paper one or several times if necessary to make sure the thoughts follow each other, the evidence is on its place and you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are finished a few days before the due date, it is always a good thing to put the essay aside and come back to it after a day or two and look at with a fresh set of eyes.

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