A Guide To Descriptive Essay Writing: 5 Tools You Should Use

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a chunk of writing that demands the writer to describe- an object, a place, an individual, an emotion, an experience and so on. A descriptive article is a great medium of expression if you have an artistic bend of mind as well as vivid imagination. The student who loves to read, write poems/stories or paint- finds descriptive articles as real challenges.

5 tools to be used in a descriptive essay

  • Five senses
  • The main goal behind a descriptive essay should be- the reader must be able to form imagery, an opinion or an expression once he is done with reading. And what’s the better way to do it than leveraging the five senses - smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch? Are you given the task of describing an exotic dessert you have tasted recently? Then use a line like- ‘rich sweetness exploded inside my mouth and filled it with syrupy juice of strawberry’. Or if you are required to describe the smell of your favorite perfume then depict it like- ‘the scent after the drop of the rain hits the earth’.

  • Personification
  • In a descriptive article, you should illustrate an event or a place or an experience with a personal touch. So much so, that the personification aspect of your article must leave a sense of familiarity with the reader.

  • Language
  • The language of the article has to be lucid and vivid. Minimal usage of jargons, simple sentence structures and careful selection of words will go a long way in cementing the position of your article. Pick up such words that will help the reader to construct images inside his head. If you have to use the word ‘sad’, then you can replace it with ‘cheerless’. If you need to incorporate the word ‘fat’ to describe a baby, then instead of it, use ‘chubby’.

  • Emotions
  • Tapping the emotional part of the reader is more than necessary to create a solid descriptive article. Once finish the reading of your article, the person who read it, needs to feel- anguished, cheerful, heart-broken, and wistful or any other such state of emotions.

  • Metaphors
  • The metaphors are useful tools while putting together a descriptive article. If you are writing a piece on the personal account of personality development, then the metaphor of chrysalis will look good on the paper. On the other hand, if you are constructing an article about returning home after a long gap, then you can include the metaphor of migratory birds once the winter ends.

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