Developing A Timeline For Writing A Term Paper

Writing a term paper is a very exacting task, and it is a multistep process that cannot be completed overnight. One of the best ways to complete a term paper in a proficient manner is by creating a timeline, which will organize all of the biggest milestones in the writing process. By dividing the paper into a few essential steps, you can manage your time, and determine the time allocation for each step. Determine which parts of the paper will require most of your time, and which will require the least. Remember, every term paper will consist of the following elements:

  • The first step to composing a term paper is selecting your topic. List this as the first milestone in your timeline, designating a certain time limit to this essential step. For example, you may spend half an hour researching potential topics. Ensure that your topic is feasible, and that it can be thoroughly researched. Never choose a general topic, and narrow down the subject matter so that it is as specific as possible.
  • The next milestone on your timeline is that of research. This will prove to be one of the most time consuming aspects of your term paper. Research will entail reading and compiling all of the sources related to your topic. Whether you intend to spend 15 hours researching, or 7 days researching, is entirely up to you. You should feel well versed in your topic after completing your research.
  • One of the most essential steps in your timeline will entail devising a thesis statement, one that will reflect brilliantly upon your topic and impress your audience. The great thing about a thesis statement is that it is very concise and may require an hour or less of your time to compose. However, do not underestimate the importance of creating a firm, solid thesis. Make this a valuable facet of your timeline.
  • Another critical step of your timeline will entail creating a fleshed out, outline for your entire term paper. This will be very time consuming, and may require anything from a single day, to several days of work. Your outline should be as fluid and coherent as possible; incorporating both your thesis statement and the mounds of research you have conduct. This aspect of your timeline will organize the rest of your writing assignment.
  • The introduction is an essential part of your timeline. While it may be succinct and easy to complete within a short time frame, it should be clear, eloquent, well written and thoroughly underscore the profundity of your thesis statement, while portending body paragraphs to come in the rest of your paper. The final step is to reserve space for the body paragraphs (the most essential part of your paper) and the conclusion, which will make or break the credibility of your paper.

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