How To Develop And Write A Research Paper In Mathematics

Writing a paper in mathematics can have its challenges. You need to select a good topic, organize and structure your findings, and edit and proofread the final product before submission. Because papers in this subject matter can take time and consideration, you should plan your project ahead of time and review your options carefully. Be sure to review guidelines and details pertaining to your assignment.

Think about What You Want to Write about and Choose Your Topic

Writing in mathematics can have a number of challenges when you do not take the time to think things clearly. You should take a few moments to think about potential topics. Consider topics that won’t give you too much trouble to research and explain. Some topics may seem interesting in the beginning, but you may find yourself struggling to find enough information to share. The topic should be simple enough for you to write about but presents concepts you can write easily and have your audience understand the significance behind it.

Make a List of Possible Resources and Put Together an Outline

Once you have chosen a topic you can begin getting resources lined up. Create a list of sources you can use based on the information you will need. It may help to have a basic list you can refer to that includes a few websites and reference books. Then you can create your outline that will help you sort and organize your data. This can help you save time and make the writing process easier. The outline will help you focus on points you need to mention in on your paper. Plus, it breaks up research and writing tasks into smaller parts you can tackle in or out of order.

Write a Rough Draft Based on Findings and Make Revisions

You have you content together including notes you have taken and your project guidelines. You can begin writing your draft to see how things will come together. Once you have completed your draft you can go back over details and start making changes. Review your thesis statement and supporting points. Do you have enough information for your claim? Proofread and revise your work to make sure your overall concept is presented clearly to readers. This is a good time to review guidelines again and make changes so your paper meets project requirements.

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