Writing Tips for Economics Research Paper

Taking an economics class can be confusing, especially when one might not understand the terminology that is involved. Then the student finds out that they have to write a research paper for the economics class that they are struggling in.

What is one to do?

Here are some tips on writing an economics research paper:

Determine the question that needs to be answered:

Economics deals a lot with rates. Trying to find a topic when it comes to economics is endless from housing rates to supply and demand and anything in between. The important item to remember is what question are you trying to ask your reader to determine the answer to? For example if someone is writing a paper on housing rates, then a question such as “why did housing rates increase in such and such a year?”

Determine what type of question it is:

According to Berkley University, there are three different types of economic research papers: there is theoretical, empirical, and theoretical empirical The only difference between the types is how they answer the question.

Present the data:

When presenting the data, keep it simple. According to Economicshelp.org, keeping it simple means breaking the question along with the data down so the reader doesn’t get confused. For example, with the housing rate question, keep in mind that the reader is not going to understand why it will impact them. Instead of writing long run on sentences, break the sentences down into simple and shorter sentences.

Answer the question:

If after writing the essay, one looks at it and thinks “did it answer the question?” and it seems to, that is okay, if not then revise it to make sure that either does or that it is gotten rid of. A lot of economic papers, according to Economicshelp.org simply goes around the explanation instead of answering the question, which makes it confusing for the reader and leaves them wondering why they read the essay in the first place.


The last part of the economics essay is the evaluation paragraph. It is the equivalent to a concluding paragraph in English. In this paragraph, the writer needs to make sure that they present the possible outcomes for the question that people should consider. In the example about housing rates and how they have increased, they can talk about what the future might hold if it continues to rise or what might happen if inflation goes down.

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