Case Study Writing Guide: providing easy to read formatting

Formatting is an important part of creating an outstanding case study. Making sure the format is appropriate creates a clear and fluid study that is organized and helps the reader understand the logic of the writer, the progress of the study and the results. There is a process to creating a well formatted study and given the best research and time is the one that will produce the most attention and readers.

Start with research

After starting with a topic, research needs to determine the flow of your study. After the basic hands on observations and interviews with the main subject, research to support the study is needed. This requires time as picking out the right research for the study means reading through many sources, picking out ones that are appropriate and credible and then dismissing ones that you thought were appropriate takes time and thought.

Create an outline

Creating an outline is the first step to organization and formatting in your study. Dividing the outline into sections dedicated to discussion of the subject of the study, the results and the basic parts of any professional writing which are an introduction, body and conclusion. This also should include graphs and illustrations and other visual aids when appropriate to break up the study and make it easier on the eye.

Formatting the study

After the outline is completed, the study is more easily formatted. After the study is completely written with all components, you need to include the title page with keywords and authors and abstract describing the study and a quick summation of the results. Making the study easy to read and providing clear formatting is important for the reader to understand the purpose of your study.

In Conclusion

Formatting is important for a clear case study. Making the formatting understandable and clear not only benefits the author by having a professional appearing, sophisticated paper, but also provides benefit for the reader. The reader can follow the author's s thoughts more easily if the formatting is fluid and easily transitioned. It is also beneficial if the study is broken up with visual aids so that the eye does not get tired of blocks of texts and keeps the reader's attention. Bolding text and creating headlines that sum each section of the study up also is beneficial for the reader so they can skim to parts of the text that are necessary to him.

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