How to write an argumentative research paper without any help

Consider the following topic examples as inspiration for yours:

  • Is the death penalty a dated system?
  • How is a budget surplus best spent?
  • Do citizens need to trust their government?
  • Do good leaders have to have an outgoing character?
  • Are bans on offensive words making the world a good place?

After the topic has been selected it is time to start the research and writing phase. It is important ot use all of the resources available to you when you begin researching. This includes your academic library as well as online sources. Verify everything and ensure it is relevant to your topic before you start taking detailed notes and writing your paper.

After you create your outline you will have a good idea of what direction your paper is heading. You can use this direction to craft your first draft. With the first draft complete it is time to edit and proofread.

Look over your document for organization. You would benefit greatly from printing the document draft and reviewing it by hand. Ask yourself the following questions and review until you have the answers you want:

  • Does the introduction clearly tell the reader where your paper is headed? If your paper is an argument based paper, you will need a thesis statement. If it is a research based paper you will need a research question. To test this, ask a friend to give you a prediction of what they expect from your paper after they read the introduction. If you provided a good introduction, the answer will not be vague.
  • Do the sections in your paper fulfil the overall purpose? You can test this by creating a reverse outline and double checking for logical structure. See if everything hands together or if something is missing. Remove irrelevant material and fill in any gaps.
  • Did you make connections between each section? Review the topic sentences again and see if they link not just to what was previously said but what can be found in the next section. Use logical statements in lieu of a smattering of connecting words to draw your ideas together in an explicit manner.
  • If someone were to read your conclusion, would they know the research question you asked and how you reached your answer? To test this, ask someone to read the conclusion and paraphrase what they learned.

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