Nursing Research Paper: Standards and Formats

All medical papers should use the APA format. That is the standard for medical research papers. APA stands for American Psychological Association and they formatted this technique in an effort to standardize all writings of a medical nature. In this style, in-text citations are used in place of footnotes and it also calls for a list of references as the end of the paper that provides more detailed author information and publication information. Here are some guidelines.

  1. Every single time you use a reference to an author’s work, direct quote or idea it needs an in-text citation. When using a direct quote you should put the author’s name first followed by the year of the publication and the page that the quote was found on. If you paraphrase the quote then the page number can be left out.
  2. When you are making a statement based on the conclusion reached by an author list it as author, year.
  3. If your sentence has the author’s name in it then write it like this: “author’s name (year of publication)”.
  4. When a publication has more than one author use the first one listed and et al. for the rest.
  5. List all references on the last page. List them in alphabetical order with multiple publications by the same author going by date. The first line of each reference should begin at the margin and every subsequent line needs to be indented half an inch from the margin.
  6. If a publication has more than 7 authors, write the first 6 last name first then (…) then list the last author.
  7. Titles of any articles used should be written with only the first word and any proper nouns capitalized.
  8. Use the digital object identifier or (DOI) for online works. If one is not available then the URL will suffice.

References and citations do not have to be difficult to do. Aside from the way that things are cited, writing a nursing research paper is not so different from any other type of research paper. They all need a thesis statement and research to support that statement along with a closer and citation. They will all be easier to write with an outline and citing will always be easier if you make notes of your references as you get them. Sometimes we make things like this harder than they have to be. Keep it simple and you will get it.

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