How To Write A Research Paper: 6 Tips On Where To Find Sources

Your research paper will depend on data you collect from your findings. This means you need to use reputable sources that provide information you can rely on when you start writing. Some students may get bored doing research when they don’t realize they can use other sources to get unique information. You have a wide variety of options but it helps when someone can point out a few for you to consider in getting started.

  • Library databases. This is a common source many begin their research with. There are various options at the library that can give you information. This includes books, videos, audio content, and more. You may need to ask a librarian to help you locate specific types of content or information for your topic.
  • Educational institution websites. Your school may have some information to help you writing wise with your content. This is important especially if you are required to cite sources or follow a specific format. Such sites may present samples of how to write your findings into solid sentences and paragraphs. They may also provide some tips for researching your topic.
  • Government websites. Your topic may have a unique connection to the government depending on what it is or what details you need to support your topic. Many of these sites are good for providing statistical data or facts. These sites often have updated information on a wide assortment of subject matters.
  • Reference books and magazine publications. These are common suggestions many students turn to first or second after the internet. Some books are devoted to specific topics while others may have bits and pieces of information. Use reputable publications such as newspapers, journals, and other educational printed material.
  • Talking with someone who works in the field. Depending on your topic and the type of details you are looking, you may be able to quote someone who works in the field related to your topic. They may even suggest sources for you to use.
  • Tips and ideas from colleagues. If you have run out of ideas you can ask your colleagues on what they are doing as far as where they are getting data as part of their research. Even if your topics are different you may get a tip about a source you can use.

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