Article Writing Help: What Does Your Readership Need?

Are you a graduate student or a professor working on writing academic articles? Or are you an undergraduate completing a research paper following a journal article format? In either case, you are probably struggling to organize your paper and your thoughts. In academic articles, word space is at a premium, and yet the potential content that could be included is massive. It’s no wonder, then, that so many academics struggle to write a cogent article that the average reader can follow, let alone enjoy.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, there may be a quick and easy solution. Instead of focusing on how to condense all your available information into a single article, pay attention instead to the needs of your readers. Only include information that is truly pertinent and useful. You should also keep in mind the limitations of your readership, including their attention span and their familiarity with field-specific jargon. Keep the needs of your readers in mind during the entire writing process. Here’s some advice for accomplishing this goal.

Know Your Readers’ Background

You’ve already done extensive research for your article, but the work isn’t done yet! Now you should perform some background research on your potential readers. What is their education level, socio-economic status, and interest level in the subject? How familiar are they with the topic or field that you are writing about? How much intrinsic interest is there in the subject you are discussing? What biases or misinformation might your readers already harbor when they encounter your piece? Take all of these things into account.

See How Others Write For The Same Audience

Another great way to reach your readers on their level is to read articles designed to appeal to that audience. Take a long look at the publication or outlet that your article will be running in. Pay attention to the word choice, sentence complexity, and the density of the text. Read a large number of articles, so you have a sense of what commonalities there are between them. With enough practice, you can learn to write in the appropriate style, which will greatly help your editors as well as your readers.

Consider The Article A Conversation

Read your work, or perform it as if it were an academic lecture. As in a real-life lecture, do not strain your audience’s patience or overly complicate things. Treating your article as a conversation between the reader and the writer will help you create work that is easy to follow and concise.

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