Composing Good Biology Research Paper Topics

Writing a really good biology research paper starts with first picking a great topic that both interests you and will captivate your audience. Biology, with so many branches and sub-focuses, lends itself perfectly to almost an endless supply of interesting topics. It’s just a matter of doing a little brainstorming and zeroing in on that one sub-topic you feel confident enough to write about. Here are some ideas to help spin those wheels and get you on your way to composing a good biology research paper topic:

  • Abortion and Future Pregnancies: What effects do abortions have on future pregnancies? Do these results differ as one gets older or gets pregnant years after an abortion?
  • Genetic Diseases: Consider researching the effect that genetics have on whether or not a person is likely to contract certain diseases. What can this mean in terms of where we need to look to find cures or treatments?
  • Biological Weapons: In light of the recent news concerning the spread of Ebola, can such a disease be weaponized and used in biological warfare or other violent acts?
  • Genetics’ Role on Obesity: Does genetic predisposition affect whether a person will be obese, or does it merely provide an excuse for someone to overindulge as he or she may believe they can’t help their weight?
  • Birth Control and Health Effects: Birth control is used more today than it was just 15 years ago. What can we learn about this drug and its effect on women who take them regularly? Are there any hidden dangers?
  • Genetics and Homosexuality: The idea may not have a lot of medical or scientific support, but can you research anything on the claims that homosexuality may be a result of genetics?
  • Effectiveness of Alternative Medicines: Do alternative medicines help cure the diseases and conditions they are supposed to? Or do other factors, like positive thinking, do a lot more to help people than alternative medicines?
  • Nanotechnology: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new microscopic field of study? And what can we expect in terms of advancement moving forward?
  • Meningitis: This is a disease that still baffles scientists and medical professionals. What can you discover about how it spreads and the effects it has on humans?
  • Phobias and the Human Brain: Consider researching the depths of the human brain to find out how and when phobias are formed and what purpose do they have in human lives.

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