Where to Get an Amazing Term Paper Topic

When picking a topic for your term paper, it can get frustrating because it seems all the good topics are taken. There are some places you can look to help you come up with a creative and unique topic.


Every character in a novel serves a purpose, so consider writing about one of the less important characters. You can also consider writing about the antagonist, since most people do not like to write about the bad character.

Social Studies

When you are given a social studies topic, think about writing about your community. You could explore:

  • When it was first inhabited
  • If any wars or battles took p lace there
  • If any famous people are from the town
  • If a particular family founded a town and if members from that family still live there
  • If any presidents are from the city
  • If any tourist or cultural attractions are from your town


Some, not all, scientists can be eccentric. Pick an invernor or a scientist and explore not just his or her accomplishments, but also his or her personal life. Make sure to discuss if the personal life impacted the person to create, explore, and invent. If the scientist is still living, try to email or call him or her and get a personal interview. Remember that if you have a college or a university in your town, there are probably many inventors and scientists in the science department. Look the names up on the staff directory.


Entrepreneurs are very interesting people. The way many of them began their companies are unusual and inspiring. The Silicon Valley alone has produced hundreds of successful businessmen any women who have created companies. Think about investigating an entrepreneur such as:

  • Gary Kremer
  • Neil Clark Warren
  • Sam Yagan
  • Brain Hooligan
  • Evan Sharp
  • Gordon Bowker
  • Jerry Baldwin
  • Steve Jobs
  • Judy Faulkner
  • Bill Gates

You could also study a college or university that has graduated a large number of entrepreneurs and discuss your belief as to why they have had so many successful graduates from the school.

Topics are all around you, you just need to step out of your box and look from a different view. If you find a topic that really interests you, you will sure to write a successful paper. Use this list and guide to get term paper help with picking the topic ideas for your next paper.

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