5 Tips For Conducting A Research Doctoral Dissertation

Your entire academic career has led to this one pivotal document, your doctoral dissertation paper. Unlike previous papers, this one will be published by your University and officiate you as a member of the faculty. By completing a research dissertation you will finally go from being a student to a fully accredited doctor, able to practice and teach in your area of discipline.

However, completing a project of this size takes a substantial amount of motivation. The stress and anxiety associated with completing such a monumental text can be immensely nerve-racking. In order to make the writing process a little more relaxed we’ve accumulated a list of 5 Top Tips for Approaching Your Doctoral Dissertation Research.

  1. Relax its Just Writing
  2. With all of the emphasis being placed on how you are going to contribute to the academic publications of your university, your probably terrified at the prospect of even beginning to write.

    The best way to overcome this pressure is to simply focus on writing and literally forget about what you are writing. By the time you begin your dissertation you are likely an extremely experienced academic writer. Forget about the dissertation for a moment, and just focus on creating great written content.

  3. Read Examples
  4. If you have never read a doctoral dissertation before, there is no time like the presence. Reading a selection of similar dissertations will give you inspiration and a better idea of what to aspire to.

  5. Talk About It
  6. Conversation can be immensely encouraging, talk about your doctoral dissertation topic with everyone, and collect insights from all walks of life, say "write my dissertation for me". You’d be surprised at how a simple conversation over coffee can transform into a unique thesis concept.

  7. Don’t Talk About It
  8. Without being overtly contradicting there will come a time when it is appropriate to withdraw into your own thoughts and compose your dissertation. One of the unique characteristics of this large-scale report is that it actually composed based on your own observations on the research. Take some time to solidify your own insights outside of external influences.

  9. Revise Frequently

As you trudge through one hundred or more pages, old information and new ideas may become conflicting. You may come across concepts that change the way you initially approached your dissertation thesis. Go back and frequently revise each page so that they flow nicely and are not contradicting. A great thesis will be easy to read and focused, make sure that you revise old work as new research is completed.

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