Doing a research paper: creating an informative title

There are many aspects in the creation of an excellent research paper not least of which will be the content, the layout and the attention to guidelines. But an additional important point can be added to this list, that of creating an informative title. The title of a research paper as in the title of the book, an article or any other significant piece of writing, carries considerable weight.

If you think about it, the title is the spur or the guiding hand for you the student writing a research paper. There are some novelists who before undertaking a major writing task, reduce the synopsis of their about-to-be-created novel to a single sentence -- a short single sentence. This mantra, if you like, is then placed in a prominent position where they do most of their writing. The aim is to keep their mind focused on the crux or central aspect of their novel. You could do the same when writing your research paper. Your short single sentence could simply be your informative title.

It helps the examiner as well

Any teacher or tutor reading your research paper will have their mind attuned to what lies ahead from their reading of the informative title. Make sure obviously that it is informative. It must whet the appetites of the reader who is about to tackle your research paper and at the same time set the scene for the topic and the arguments to be presented.

It is often said that the choice of topic is the most significant part of any writing assignment. Get that right and all that is good can follow. If the topic is wrong, is not to your liking or is a topic which requires difficult and lengthy research, then you will either produce a poor quality work or struggle unnecessarily to achieve your goal. The same can be said for your title. Get that right in terms of conciseness and information and you are well on the way to producing an outstanding research paper.

Don't be afraid to rethink your informative title once you have completed your research paper. By all means choose one before you start and be guided by it but once you have finished your research paper, don't be afraid to reread your work and, if necessary, change your informative title to make it even more informative. Just as you would edit and polish your research paper itself, be prepared to do the same for your informative title.

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