How to Compose an Effective Narrative Essay

Narrative essays

Narrative essays are the type of an essay where you have to write in form of a personal experience. The essay is usually written in first person and explains a certain event or occasion from a personal perspective. To make it more easily, you might have read novels, seen paintings, or even watched a movie that is based on war or love and the author tells you what he saw during that time. During the reading, you will find out many things that are relatable and many parts that convey a moral message. The purpose of such creative ventures is to highlight the importance of certain factors on an individual’s personality and on society as a whole. Similarly, a narrative essay is a form of essay in which the writer expresses his feelings about something through his personal experience and in form of a story.

This type of essay is usually fun to write and to read both. The writer does not feel lack of ideas or disruption in the writing flow because it is something they have experienced. The reader does not feel clueless because they can relate to it and are interested in finding out what happens next in the story. The edge you get is that you can appeal to ethos, logos, or pathos of your reader by getting them involved in your essay. The reader loves to get an insight about your life and wants to know more about your experiences. They are a great way of improving your writing skills and even help you to convert your verbal communication into words.

However, a writer needs to keep certain things in mind when he writes a narrative essay. The above article explained the purpose and importance of a narrative essay. Now we will find out what makes your essay effective and adds value to your paper. If you want to compose an effective narrative essay, you need to follow these steps.

  • Different approaches to a narrative essay
  • Build on a personal experience
  • Use your imagination
  • Write about a fantasy
  • Ask your friends for an idea
  • Use first person in the essay
  • Make sure the order of events is right
  • Do not exaggerate anything
  • Choose an event that has a moral insight
  • Try to engage your readers
  • Make sure the readers can relate to this occasion
  • Editing and proofreading

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