Composing Law Exam Papers

Law students or aspiring law students have probably heard that the exam paper is very hard to write. It’s true that a lot is expected from you, but it doesn’t have to be hard if you know what you’re up against. Once you know what your teacher is looking for, it can in fact be a simple matter. Most students struggle with law exam papers because they aren’t sure of the guidelines or how to deal with certain questions. Finding a good way to do this is critical to your success and how your paper will be graded.

The most basic rules are often the ones most overlooked. Make sure you’re on time for your exam! This will show your teacher that you care about your class, and depending on the school, if you are late you could be barred from taking the test that day. All the details do count, particularly for timing, format and following instructions.

Answering Law Questions Correctly

Here are a few other things you need to know. During your law exam, your paper writing will involve your understanding of how you need to use the rules. Your teacher will also be expecting you to understand what the law is trying to do in each situation. What is the law accomplishing? You will then have two main types of questions: a response to a statement or an issue, and hypothetical situations that you’ll have to discuss.

When your exam is graded, it will be marked for spotted issues, your knowledge of rules involving legal consequences, and your ability to solve a deep legal issue. As well, your analysis skills will be of use in determining the appropriate laws for the hypothetical situations. If you can see the bigger picture in a situation from the beginning to the end, it’s important to be able to do this in your head without a pen.

Make sure that you make margin notes and underline important things. Put your entire thought process on the paper so that your teacher can see how you’re thinking about the exam and its situations. If you make a list of important issues and other details relevant to the questions, that can help you read the hypothetical situations better.

Look at each issue on its own. You’ll need to write down the rules that will be used to solve the issue and how other elements are involved for the rule to be satisfied.

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