How to Write Papers: 5 Elements of a Good Essay

A good essay will have essential elements that make it stand out on its own. Essay writing is an interesting task since it allows writers to draft ideas and concepts into a well-written paper. But, when you are missing certain elements it may make your paper less interesting to others, or readers may not understand your point of view. You spend a considerable amount of time writing, so it is important to understand what your essay needs so you can invest your time and efforts wisely. The following 5 elements are commonly noticed in good essays.

  1. An intriguing thesis statement or main idea serving as the essay purpose. A good essay will have an interesting thesis statement that is clear and on point. The reader will be able to identify the scope of the topic and they will be interested in content that follows on the page.
  2. Good supporting points that provide additional purpose behind your main idea. Your main idea sets the stage for the essay, but readers will want to know why and how your claim or argument is valid. Good supporting details will help readers clearly understand your views and provide meaning behind your thesis statement.
  3. Solid paragraph and sentence structure. A well-organized essay will catch a reader’s eye. This means information will flow easily from the beginning of the essay to the end. As you write your paper your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion should be clearly defined based on information you decide to include. Your sentences should be short in length and paragraphs should transition from one to the next with ease.
  4. A good topic with an interesting angle or twist on the perspective. This element will catch reader’s eyes quickly. The topic and subject matter has to be something people will want to read, or they will not bother to read your essay. This may take you a few moments to think about, but if you are able to come up with something people find different it may turn out to be a great essay.
  5. A well-written conclusion that brings the topic to a close. Many people have problems writing a solid conclusion. This is where the topic is summarized briefly with main points mentioned including the thesis statement. You will need to consider what aspect you want your audience to remember.

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