List of Exciting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Consider

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay is a formal essay that takes topics and highlight there similarities and/or differences. There are a few different ways you can tackle this kind of essay, but as long as you do so in an organized and clear manner, you will be successful. The introduction of this essay type will introduce the general topic and present the thesis statement. The thesis statement clearly elaborate what you intend to compare and contrast about the subject.

Topics to Consider for Your Next Compare and Contrast Essay
  1. Tablet Competitors: There are so many types of tablet on the market with the rise of access to technology. Outline the strengths and weakness of competitors in the tablet industry.
  2. Soft Drink Varieties: People tend to be diehard drinkers of their chosen soda—but are there truly superior brands? Evaluate the possibility by comparing and contrasting aspects of branding, cost, taste, etc. for soft drink varieties.
  3. Eras of Art: Do we see many similarities or differences across art of the ages? Talk about the evolution or consistency of technique.
  4. Early Life vs. Late Life: What life experiences are the same or different in early life versus late life? Do we see any monumental points worth noting?
  5. Earth Sciences: How do different sects of Earth Sciences overlap or stray? What do we get out of varying courses?
  6. Government Systems: How do the various systems of government operate? Research these in-depth to better understand in order to compare and contrast.
  7. Football Varieties: We have American and European football? Are they at all alike? Why do they have the same names? Explore.
  8. Animal Families: What similarities do we see across the families of animals?
  9. Musical Genres: What determines a musical genre? Are there characteristics uniform to all genres? What can be conclude or deduce from analysing genres side by side.
  10. Plant Types: Think about plant varieties and pick certain groups to think about in respect to one another. What is true to one plant variety and not another? What is the same? Why?

Tips for Essay Writing Success
  • Pick a topic that you love.
  • Make sure to follow all instructions.
  • Complete comprehensive research.
  • Create an organized outline.
  • Follow the outline while writing.
  • Always edit your work.

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