How to Write a Good Case Study Paper

A case study is like working to solve a puzzle that includes piecing together the problem to find the solution. In writing a good case study you should be able to detail the problem concisely that allows readers to easily identify the issue. Such details may help readers analyze the situation to come up with a solution to propose. The researcher becomes a detective as they piece together a potential outcome as they collect research data. The following points may help you determine how to create your own well-written case study paper.

  • Have a strong deadline for your topic. You want to able to catch the attention of your reader quickly and this is a good way to get started. The headline may have information you have learned during your research such as a statistic or result with a percentage amount.
  • Define your problem in one sentence, and then go into further details. You may determine how to present your problem and the solution for it. This can be the first sentence. Then you would proceed into detailing how you came about your findings.
  • When talking about your solution you don’t have to be too technical with the jargon or words. You want the content to be easy to read and understand, even if you do use terminology related to your field of study.
  • Provide further details about your results. It helps if you can provide a quote or insight from someone who actually witness or was part of the results you came up with. Credibility in this case is important and such quoted content can help increase this element.
  • Figures and facts should be included. Some may not think this is necessary but it can help make your finding easy to read and reference. This tip can be helpful to those who are writing about a how-to task or when they need to place more emphasis on something.
  • Make your content reader friendly. This is important especially if the study will be presented to an online audience. This helps your content be user-friendly when someone needs to refer to content you have written. Breakup your content and use subheadings with interesting subtitles instead of just a basic general title.
  • Proofread and edit as needed. Consider removing words that repeat too many times and make sure the content is easy to read and understand for your reading audience.
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