Term Paper Writing Tutorial: Structuring Your Project

Writing a successful term paper can be a daunting job. It is easy to write the basic draft, but using the right tone, adopting the right direction and structuring your project in the right manner can be a little tough. If you want to learn how to structure your term paper in the precise way, here is a tutorial for you

  1. Title page

    The first thing in your paper is the title page. This includes the author’s name and grade, the title of the paper and the status of the paper.

  2. Table of contents
  3. Declaration of originality
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Abstract

    The abstract is a summary of your paper. It is different from an introduction because the introduction does not talk about the conclusion. The abstract is an overview of your entire paper. It gives the reader an idea of what was your issue to address, how you dealt with it in just a few sentences.

  6. Introduction

    The first official chapter of your paper

  7. Literature Review

    In the literature review you have to give a brief history of your subject. You need to show the reader why you picked a certain area and how did you identify that gap.

  8. VIII. Methodology

    This is where you show the theoretical framework and tools that you used for collecting your data. You have to tell the reader why you preferred a certain research tool over the other. The teacher may ask you why you did not use a certain research technique so you need to be prepared for that. The methodology involves two phases, one is data collection, and the other is analysis of the collected data.

  9. Findings and Discussion

    After you show the tools you used for collecting and analyzing the data, you have to include the findings and discussion from that data in your paper. You need to show what you concluded from the data analysis and why you did so.

  10. Conclusion

    The conclusion is the last chapter of your term paper. It needs to be precise and summarize the entire term paper. You cannot miss any major point in the conclusion of your term paper. Usually it is a good practice to give the reader something to think about in your conclusion. Ask a question or appeal to ethos, logos, or pathos to leave a long-lasting impression.

  11. References

    This is where you cite all the sources, which you used for your research.

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