Writing a Classification Essay From Scratch

Classification essays may seem easy enough to write until you go into further details about your topic. The main idea is to take a group of things and separate them into classes or groups that can be researched, explored and explained. This essay has a basic structure including five paragraphs that each plays a role in detailing your findings. While guidelines and instructions for this essay can vary, the following points are general elements included in writing classification essays from scratch.

  • The introduction of your essay should clearly state what you are classifying. This may be a group of something such as types of behaviors or other subject matter that can be broken into groups. Your thesis may detail your approach in classifying your subjects and you may want the introduction to include informative details you want readers to know about what you are classifying.
  • You will have multiple body paragraphs that detail the approach or type for your subject. You will provide details that will illustrate and describe how they fit into their classified type or group. This may include providing logic and clear information that will help readers identify how it fits into this particular group.
  • Be sure each paragraph transitions well into the next and consider details that will help provide comparisons for further understanding. Each body paragraph that follows the introduction may have a topic sentence that helps connect one paragraph to the next. This also helps provide clarity on how each point is related to the main idea and how they fit into the classified group as a whole.
  • The conclusion paragraph helps you determine your overall approach in how you came up with your classification. You review what you examined and your results. This may be a summary of what you have learned and what you may recommend to others if appropriate. In some cases you may consider hooking your conclusion with your introduction to show the connection.
  • Take time to revise your paper and review your strategies to ensure they make logical sense. They should be connected in a way to help readers understand how and why you classified these points into a group. You want to make sure your concepts have a form of uniqueness and unity. This helps ensure your essay is complete with proper details and clarity.
  • Proofread and edit as necessary.

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