IB Extended Essay Help: Looking For Free Examples

There are rumors in the world of IB diploma programs that it is nearly impossible to earn an A on an IB extended essays. Many students report that the highest scores they have ever seen are Cs. This is a sad reality for students who enroll in IB programs, especially because many of them continuously received A and B grades while they were taking traditional classes.

Best Practices by Seeing Real Sample Essays

In order to earn a higher grade on an essay, students benefit from seeing examples. Unfortunately, there are not many places to turn to for free extended essay examples that have earned high grades. Even though there are not many places to go, there are good examples that students can read. The trick is finding them.

Visit Your IB Coordinator for Excellent Samples

One of the best places to go for free extended essay examples is the IB coordinator at your school. She should have copies of extended essays from students who have submitted them to the IB program in previous years. You could also turn to your friends who have submitted their essays, too. Before you get to see the essays, you will need to assure your coordinator and friends that you are not going to use them for your own essay.

Notice the Structure and Style of Each Essay

When you look at the sample essays, you should look at how the essays are structured. It is a good idea to read the introductions and the different beginnings to each body paragraph. It is also important to look at where students have included in-text documentation. You should also read the paragraphs to look at word choice and sentence structure so you can see how advanced the style and voice happen to be.

Dig Deep to Learn from the Essays You See

If you do not feel comfortable asking for samples from people in your school, you should be able to access free samples online. The IB program might have samples that students can see, especially since it is a good educational practice to show students what is expected from them. Some good writing sites will also share examples, but usually just in pieces so that the essays are not plagiarized. You should be able to find sections of the essay that you want to see the most. Take what you can and learn from it.

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