What You Need To Do To Select Good Research Papers Topics

Selecting a good research paper topic is easy if you know how to do it.  The first thing that you need to know is that you should pick a topic that you are interested in and something that you won’t be bored with after a few days of research.  Make a list of all the topics that you are considering to do for your research paper and start doing research.  Once you start your research, you can see which ones have enough information on them and which ones don’t.  Eliminate the ones that don’t and from that list you can narrow down the most interesting topic on your list and that one is your topic for your research paper.

Good Research Paper Topics

  • Why does Hollywood keep remaking already great movies?  Red Dawn, Evil Dead, and RoboCop, what do all of these movies have in common; they are all movies for the eighties that have be remade.  Has Hollywood ran out of ideas and are starting to use old ones or do they think remakes are better than original new movies?
  • Has new technology like, TiVo, cable DVRs, and streaming video affected advertising and the programming on networks?  If you’re like me, you will record your favorite show and watch it later or wait about a half an hour so you can skip the commercials. But has doing this and services like Netflix changed or affected advertising and gotten good shows cancelled?
  • Is censoring the Internet a violation of the first amendment, freedom of speech?  Most use the Internet as an outlet to blog, read, or just play games but if we censor the Internet, is that a taking away of first amendment right to free speech?
  • Are artificial sweeteners really harmful?  We have read the news stories on how they are bad to you and can lead to cancer but what can’t these days.  But are these sweeteners bad for your health or is this another thing that the news media has made us scared of?
  • Is the afterlife something that humans created? The afterlife is different to many people and religions but was this something that humans made up so they could feel better about dying.  What are some data on the subject done by researchers on the subject?  What is their take on the idea of the afterlife or what happens when we die?

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