Some Good Comparative Essay Topics On Human Services In Different Countries

This type of essay compares delivery of services such as health and welfare among different countries. In most cases, these are delivered to help people navigate through crisis and chronic situations. These situations can relate to unemployment, poverty, depression, hunger and crime, among others. Some countries tackle social problems more efficiently than others due to a number of reasons. Here are a number of topics to consider for this type of comparative essay:

  1. Compare the use of emergency shelters in U.S vs U.K: In this case, the writer will compare how these shelters are employed for rescue of prone groups (for instance children and families). Some of the issues to consider include use of the shelters for job training, provision of education and children development.
  2. Welfare funding alternatives in U.K. verses U.S: You could seek to explore what various alternatives are available in each country and which funding methods are most common. 3. Models of human services in U.S. vs China: You could be interested in comparing how the models are applied in developed countries to tackle human problems and how they are employed in developing countries. In this case, you can choose United States and China to represent developed and developing countries respectively.
  3. How societies deal with poverty in U.S. and China:
  4. Tackling unemployment in U.K and Brazil: Still, this is a case of comparison between their effectiveness in a developing and a developed country. You can tailor the write up to inform the reader which of the two countries is successful or most effective in dealing with unemployment and why.
  5. Disadvantaged groups in U.S. and Iran: This is an interesting comparison because you will be comparing how a country that is very peaceful deals with the disadvantaged groups and how a country that has undergone war deals with them.
  6. Administration of human services in U.S. and India: The writer can help the reader understand the differences between how social services are administered in developing and developed world. You could research on whether the various administration channels are effective in relation to tackling social problems and which are the more effective.
  7. Human service training in developing and developed countries: It would be expected that developing countries and those that are faced by crisis face a lot of challenges in training workforce to tackle social problems. You could research on how these challenges compare to those faced by developed countries. Again, you can select one developed and one developing country.

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