Why is it so hard to create a math research paper?

Academic writing is not always as easy as most of the students out there would like it to be. Of course, there are assignments you may be able to handle easier and assignments for which you will need to put in a lot of effort. However, certain types of academic writing are always more difficult than other and, for most of the people out there, research papers fall into this category.

Writing a research paper that is actually good requires a time, effort, concentration and willingness. Furthermore, it requires a bit of originality (at least in the way you approach a particular subject or topic), but enough conservatism as to be able to fall within the general academic writing norms (citations, language, structure, and so on).

Math is definitely not the easiest to understand subject out there and the truth is that few of the people take it in college just for the sake of the subject itself. However, those who eventually fall in love with Math find this “disease” to be almost incurable and they find it very difficult to understand why some other people may still not like it.

Math Research Papers: Are They Difficult to Write?

As mentioned before, research papers can be difficult to write regardless of the subject they are on. People find it hard to deal with these papers both because of the strict guidelines imposed by an academic writing style and because of the fact that they have to run extensive research.

Math research papers are as difficult to write as any other research paper out there and if you have to write one as well, then you should definitely take out of your mind that this paper will be impossible to handle. As a matter of fact, try to think positively and to focus on the best parts of the entire process.

Some of the things you may find difficult along the way include:

  1. The fact that Mathematics is a very abstract subject and that writing about it can be quite distressing when it comes to actually exposing ideas in writing and not just by examples.

  2. Math is a subject focused on practice more than actual theory and a research paper will usually tend to include more theory than practice.

  3. There are not many things new in Math and finding a topic to be original may be hard.

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