3 main questions to answer before starting your research paper

Millions of students all over the nation are doing research papers for the first time. These are usually college freshmen who have never experienced what it is like to create one of these reports. It is important to ask yourself a few questions before delving into the research paper. These questions will form the general outline of your paper and help you stay on track if you ever feel confused or lost. These questions are also great for students to use for any literature review that they may have to write while in college.

Question #1: Do You Know?

The first question that a student should ask themselves before writing a research paper is, ”Do I understand what the topic or subject is about”. Depending on the type of paper the question may be posed such as this, ”What topic or subject do I want to report about”. Depending on the teachers instructors either one of these questions is important to ask before delving into the research project. They will also help formulate the introductory paragraph of your paper. Remember that the introduction usually talk about the history or gives some background information on the subject.

Question #2: Who Wants to Know?

When writing a research paper it is important to write the paper in a way that will help other students or readers understand it. Who will benefit from this information? What are the most important details of the subject? Why are these details so important? Answering these questions will help you build a very powerful and sound body paragraph(s). A student could easily answer these questions through the research paper enabling them to provide an extra benefit to the research paper. This question also sets a student up to create transitional sentences that will connect the intro to the body paragraph of a paper.

Question #3: Why do you care?

The last question is by far the most important because it is the motivating or driving force behind you even writing this paper. Why do you want to write about this certain topic? Are you doing it for a good grade? Do you have a personal attachment to this subject or topic? Could not think of a better topic? Whatever the case may be it is important to understand why you are writing about a certain topic. This will help motivate you while you are writing and also keep you focused.

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