What is a thesis paragraph?

  • It is an introduction to your research paper or essay.
  • It contains your thesis statement.
  • It answers the question “What if….” or “What will happen if....”
  • It defines the topic, primary position or primary argument of your paper or essay.
  • It is usually the last part of the essay or research paper that you write.

10 Important Things to Remember About Writing a Thesis Paragraph:

  • Always research and write the first draft of your paper or essay before writing your thesis paragraph because the topic of your paper or essay may change.
  • The thesis paragraph is always easier to write once you narrow down the topic of your research paper or essay to just one.
  • Always maintain a list of your important arguments and themes as you write the first draft of your paper or essay.
  • Use the list to craft your thesis statement for the thesis paragraph.
  • The thesis paragraph is the introduction to your research paper or essay.
  • The thesis paragraph should state your thesis statement and topic in a compelling way that would maintain the reader’s attention.
  • After you have completed writing the research paper or essay, write your thesis paragraph.
  • First sentence of your thesis paragraph should capture your targeted reader’s attention.
  • Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your thesis or introductory paragraph.
  • The thesis paragraph launches your audience into the rest of your paper or essay. The other paragraphs should always flow in a way that they lead your reader back to your thesis paragraph.

What Other Information You Need to Know on How to Write a Good Thesis Paragraph:

  • Before you write the paragraph should understand the purpose of it.
  • Use different and unique techniques to get the reader’s attention and keep their attention.
  • Should edit your thesis paragraph and thesis statement as you write your paper or essay.
  • Be aware that the thesis statement in your introduction paragraph should be narrow enough that you can answer the thesis statement in the assigned length of the research paper.
  • Your thesis paragraph should give the reader understanding of the question that you want to answer and how it shall be answered.

This is how you ensure that you a have a good thesis paragraph that will catch the attention of your reader so that he or she will want to read the rest of your essay or research paper.